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Pete Thomas was the Los Angeles Times' primary outdoor recreation and lifestyle sports reporter for 20 years. Now the Pete Thomas Outdoors website and its team of correspondents / editors continue to share relevant news and commentary regarding these wonderful pastimes and pursuits.

Pete can be reached at [email protected]

Primary contributors also can be reached via email. They include:

-- Philip Friedman (contributor and editor / Los Angeles), [email protected]

-- Patric Douglas (contributor and shark issue consultant / San Francisco), [email protected]

-- Mark Rayor (contributor / Baja California Sur), [email protected]

-- John Ireland (contributor / Baja California Sur), [email protected]

-- Tracy Ehrenberg (contributor, Baja California Sur consultant and Baja fishing expert / Cabo San Lucas), [email protected]

-- Jennifer Edney (photographer, editor and contributor / Omaha, Nebraska), [email protected]

-- Kelly Burgess Bassin (contributor and editor / Boise, Idaho), [email protected]

-- Jay Christianson, technical consultant

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